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dsc_0269first belt testing: CONGRATULATIONS 20th June 2014

the smiles say it all, five students from B lightman martial arts had their first testing on 20th June 2014, with the assistance of instructor Mr Alan Fry of changes now Dawlish, formerly the founder of tang soo do Cornwall, and Joanne lightman second degree black belt to test Liv Jasper, James Harvard Ford, Shay Jasper, Kassie walker and Issy Harvard Ford on the skills and abilities they have learnt over the past three months, passing with flying colours.
I’d like to say a big thank you to the parents who have been so supportive of their children throughout their training and hard work.

croped testing 1

third belt grading: 20th February 2015

a big well done for tonight, I know you were all very nervous, you have just taken the next step towards becoming a black belt in taekwondo, it doesn’t seem like a year, I can hardly believe it myself, well done to all my green belts liv, shay, kassie and James, and Oliver who tested for his first orange belt tonight, well done again guys a fantastic job.

when my students graded for their green belt and orange belt, I also retested the green belts on their previous two belts.

this is to ensure that they retain the knowledge and the skills that I have already that I’ve taught them.


22/05/2015 belt grading:

Congratulations to my students that graded tonight, the hard work that you all put into your training over the last three months has paid off.

I would like to thank Mr Leon gorin for assisting me in taking tonight’s grading, you were of great help.

I’d especially like to thank the students who graded, you all worked extremely hard over the last three months, you all deserve the belt grades that you earned tonight, I’m very proud of you all, but most importantly you should be very proud of yourselves, a BIG well done.

Mr gorin was very impressed with you all, so much so he has said that he would be very happy to come and grade you all again.

I look forward to seeing you all this Monday, have a fantastic weekend.

22/05/2015 belt grading

22/05/2015 belt grading

belt grading new unit 1.2belt grading new unit 1

20/10/2015. Belt Grading in new DoJo 🙂

A big congratulations to all those who graded tonight, im soo proud of you all, just think this is one step closer to black belt, I’d like to say a big thank you to the parents who brought your children tonight, and to Mr. Gorin who once again we had the pleasure of being a fellow assessor in grading B Lightman Martial Arts students.
I’d also like to thank joanne lightman whom is of great help to me and to all students throught the year.
i hope you enjoy the rest of your week at school and get some rest, i shall see you all this friday, if not i shall see you all next monday. B xxxxx

P.S dont forget to show your very well deserved achievment to your schools, as this all helps with your education


group 1

B Lightman Martial Arts held a junior and adult kickboxing belt grading tonight.

I’d like to say a big well done and congratulations to everyone that graded tonight, you all did a fantastic job of all your line work, pad work, sparring attack and defence line work and sparring.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the parents who brought your children tonight.

it didnt go amiss that i saw everyone helping each other and working as a effective team, i saw caiden working really hard with emily making sure she got her work correct, i saw oliver being caring and aware of maisies injured arm, i saw maisie working hard even with her injured arm, well done.

a big thank you to kassie and becky for holding the pads for maisie, great work from you both.

keira’s balance and power with her kicks have improved dramatically.

mia’s kicking techniques are really improving, as shown in tonights belt grading.

and for my adult kickboxers dan and darryl who graded tonight, i am proud to have awarded you your brown belts tonight, as usually you always give 110%.

another BIG CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who graded tonight i am proud of you all, have a fantastic weekend and i shall see you all monday.

B xxxx

16th august 2016



the demo was fantastic, i know the sound system wasnt that great and we didnt have our set music, but you all stepped up and done a fantastic job.

im looking forward to continuing your training and next time things will be more organised.

photos and videos to follow as soon as they are ready, i will give everyone a copy.

we have got a spot in the precesion on friday, so there is no training on friday night, please private message me if you all still want to do it on friday night.

B xxxx



Good evening all, I would like to CONGRATULATE everyone gaining their next belt, very well deserved and all of you put the hard work and effort into passing this grading.

I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to Mr leon gorin for assisting witht the junior kickboxers grading, it is very much appreciated.

I would also like to thank all the parents who made it posible for your children to progress within the martial arts.

I am proud of you all and i hope you had a fantastic day today, i look forward to continuing your learning step by step getting closer to black belt, see you all when you are next training. 😀



Wednesday 15th February 2017 BOOT CAMP

hi guys,

B Lightman Martial Arts held our second boot camp today.

I would like to say thank you to all my students and their friends and family who came to today and participated in todays boot camp.

today was a big success and I would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Ian Baker for his fun and fitness hour, everyone enjoyed all the games and fitness and were fully engaged the whole time, I really appreciated you coming in and assisting us with todays boot camp.

I’d also like to say a big, big thank you to Mrs Melody Hunter-Evans for her children’s mental health talk and activities, all the children were fully involved and shared their points of view on what was discussed and finding solutions, and they really enjoyed the zip, zap, boing game.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Kirstin Mcvicker for providing some food and drink for all the children, it gave everyone some much needed energy and we really appreciated your help.

and a big thank you to all the parents who brought your children today, as todays boot camp wouldn’t of happened without your children

I look forward to organising many more events in the year to come, and I look forward to seeing everyone in the coming classes this week, rest well and enjoy the rest of your half term.


02/06/2017 Belt grading

B Lightman Martial Arts held yet another belt grading, i am so proud of you all, you all did exceptionally well, you all have put all your hard work and dedication into this belt grading, keep up all your hard work as some of you are getting closer to black belt, but one of you have now achieved your full black belt now in Kickboxing, you make me the most proudest instructor and i am looking forward to the next grading, you all deserve this weekend so rest well and i look forward to seeing you all on Monday night  

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