My name is Samantha Lightman, I started my career as a martial artist at 8 years of age.

I have been training for 13 years, I achieved my second degree black belt in Taekwondo and first in kickBoxing under the BCKMA association.

I then went on to take my third degree black belt with master Scott Smith, also re-grading with master Andrew Spink and master Nolan Lovell at impact mixed martial arts.

I am proficient in various weapons being bo staff, sword, knife and nun-chucks.

I have trained under grand master Choi at the world games in Ohio America, I have also trained under master Bok Man Kim.

I hold two world championship titles gold and one bronze title, I also hold four European championship titles gold and one silver title, and I hold the British title with many other silver and bronze placing’s In taekwondo kickboxing and weapons.

I have been a trainee instructor for the past three years and have many success in belt testing’s and competitions.

I am qualified in first aid, I have insurance cover, a member of the BMABA association, CRB checked.

I have attended many demonstrations to help give money to charities, only to name a couple the cancer research and help the heroes.

I am also currently training for my fourth degree black belt in Taekwondo.


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